We are "Pokédex Filler"

With over 400 Pokémon to catch to complete your Galarian Pokédex the task could be daunting.

Our goal is to save you the struggle of breeding, raiding and searching for trades by using our service to fill the gaps.

Our services have you covered for all Pokemon available in Sword & Shield.


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By purchasing in this shop, the buyer agrees to compensate for the services (time and effort) of the genners in Pokèdex Filler for generating and trading the item/s as specified in the listing/s.

The Pokèmon listed herein or as requested to be customized are generated with their legality thoroughly checked. A successful online trade (Link Trade) is a testament to the legality of the Pokemon.

No illegal Pokèmon can pass through online activities. Therefore all Pokèmon the buyer successfully receives through online trade from Pokèdex Filler are within the legal system of the game versions of two parties (buyer and genner) and will not be a cause for online ban on either of the two parties.

Although this genning and trading services are not known to cause harm on the receiver and sender's part, the service provider (genner) Pokèdex Filler is in no way liable or responsible for any damage or loss, whether physical or digital, on the part of the buyer resulting from this online transaction.

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