Instructions for ONLINE trade

A Nintendo online subscription is mandatory to connect to the internet in game

In any place of the game you need to press [ Y ] on your joycon to access the trade menu. It will be presented to you as you can see below


Once you are on this page you are required to connect to the internet. To do that you must press the [ + ] button on your joycon while on this page


If you see the message above then you are now connected to the internet in game and ready to initiate a trade

Select "Link Trade" from the options to continue on to the screen below.

Select "Set Link Code"


Insert the 4-Digit code that we will provide you to connect to us and press "OK"


Confirm the Link Code by selecting "Yes"


If the icon in the bottom left corner is blue in color with a white "Y" in the middle and the "Searching..." bar is running then you are correctly setup and about to start your trade.